What does the pressure release valve do?

Perhaps you've noticed a couple of features on our coolers that you don't find with the leading brands. One of these features is the pressure release valve next to the logo on the front. Why did we add a pressure release valve?
Because, science.
As temperature increases, so does pressure. The hotter it is outside, the higher the pressure is. However, because your Iceland cooler is doing its job, the temperature inside of it is staying the same temperature as the ice. This means the pressure inside the cooler is also staying the same. The more drastic the change in outside temperature since the last time you opened the cooler, for instance when you were packing it early in the morning versus when you go to crack it open midday, the larger the difference is in pressure as well. Because of the high quality of the gaskets that seal these coolers and lock in the freeze, this pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cooler can make the cooler hard to open. Sometimes it can make it very hard to open. 
Solution? The pressure release valve. When you're ready to open the cooler and you are having a hard time because the lower pressure inside the cooler is sealing it shut, all you have to do with an Iceland cooler is press that button. You'll hear air escape and the cooler will open with ease. Simple as that. There are third party companies who make $30 pressure release valves that replace the drain plugs on the leading cooler brands. Iceland coolers come with one built in.
Our coolers are engineered with the challenges of everyday use in mind. They include everything you need and want in a rugged, high quality cooler, both features and accessories, all for one price that's better than the leading brands. 
Iceland. Tough as nails, cold as ice. 

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  • Nancy

    I lost my pressure relief valve can I buy a replacement

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