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Allow us to give you 6 simple reasons to buy an Iceland roto-molded cooler over any other:

1. Every single one of our coolers come with FAR more features and accessories than the other brands

2. We offer wheels on 2 large cooler sizes that you are going to want wheels on

3. We have a bucket cooler with a beverage spout

4. We offer unique colors and camo patterns

5. We offer a LIFETIME warranty

6. All of this is done at a price-point that is less than the others

So pay less, get more. Do you like that?

Yes, you do.

Keep it simple, keep it cold. Iceland cold.


Great product that holds up to the weather really well. I have the smaller cooler on my welding rig and it never gets brought inside. It holds ice BETTER than top competitors and that’s not a lie. 

Tanner W.

Best coolers on the market hands down. Construction, designs, and functionality are exceptional. I recommend these coolers to anyone looking for a top of the line cooler at a reasonable price. 

Randy L.

Amazing coolers. In my opinion these are the BEST coolers on the market. I bought the 75 quart a couple of years ago. The pressure release button is awesome. I had to push it before opening the cooler. That’s how cold it keeps your stuff. I’ve used RTIC, YETI, PELICAN, etc and this is by far the best.

Joey B.

We’ve taken our ice chest on a couple of trips now, and it held ice for days! I’m especially glad that it’s so well insulated that it keeps my son’s insulin cool on these hot summer days. I use the basket to keep it cool, but up out of the ice on long trips. 

Leah W.

I borrowed a friend's ICELAND after losing my YETI and had to have a cooler for the boat for a quick trip. After that trip I bought an ICELAND because of how amazed I was with ice retention and over all use. I saltwater fish and the ICELAND is hands down the best cooler for me.

Jeff D.

Likely the best cooler I’ve ever owned - and I’ve owned many, from Rtic to Yeti and everything in between.
My Iceland 75 qt sits beneath the leaning post at the helm of my center console boat. It’s the perfect size and it does it’s job. Beautiful and functional are hard to beat.
Outstanding value. Solidly built. Outstanding performance.

Doug P.

Equivalent to other top brands in toughness and insulation with better pricing and more features. The pressure relief valve is awesome in preventing the lid from being vacuumed shut. They have very grippy rubber feet so they don’t slide around on my pick-up bed liner. 

Jeremy W.

I have purchased 3 Iceland coolers now, the newest a
5 gal bucket. Darn tough... It even had a mad cow go a round or two with it and never hurt it. Keeps ice and water cool for a week riding on a flatbed truck. Would highly

Pete W.


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